Doggin Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio is a place that isn't a bubble to the top of your hotspot lists, but if you have an active trail dog, you'll want to check it out. The main attraction is "ledges", a limestone that has tired, eroded and cracked into massive pockets of SUV-sized blocks. You are actually hiking on the floor of an ancient seafloor that once covered Ohio. Millions of years later retreating glaciers covered most of the limestone with scraped soil, but some areas were left exposed to the mercy of wind and water, which created fantastic rock formations. While you will be amazed at the picturesque wonder of these skirting boards, your dog will love to sneak in, race around and rummage through the cliffs. One advantage of visiting skirting boards in the summer is that these hikes tend to be many degrees cooler than the day's declared high temperatures. Here are some of the best parks in Northeast Ohio to test:

Nelson-Kennedy Ledge State Park (Garetsville, SR 282)

You will immediately enter this small park. A series of ledges move north-south about one mile, surrounded by waterfalls at either end. Separate paths go to the top (white-blazing and easy), to the front (blue-blazing and the best way to look at mossy rocks) and down and through massive rocky rocks (red-blazing and difficult). You may chuckle when you see the names of the Red Path, such as Fat Man, Rail, Squeeze, and Devil, but winning can't be a laughing matter when you watch your dog 39; swinging the tail forward as you stare at the seemingly impossible passage through the rocks.

Hinckley Reservation (Hinckley, Bellus Road)

Hinckley is known for returning the beetles, turkey vultures, from the south every March 15. Two separate sets of skirting boards and rocks are in your dog's study park, each reaching a one-mile-long trail. A short climb to one of the highest points in Northeast Ohio will take you to the base of Whipp's Lhipges, where your dog can easily scale the tall rocks 50 feet high. Keep control of your dog as you cross the top of the ledges, which feature clear, undetected dropouts. At the southern end of the reserve are the mossy Wordens Ledges, which have rock carvings of religious symbols.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Peninsula, SR 303)

The accent of the Happy Days Visitor Center trail system is a 30-foot lane that runs for most of a mile. The Ledges Trail traverses rock formations that do not require the crazy passages emblematic of some of its cousins ​​in the area, making this trail suitable for any level of canine tourist. Spur paths will take your dog to the nooks and crannies and the top of the ledges. Still, there are drophophytes that we need to know about.

Gorge Metropark (Cuyahoga Falls, Front Street)

The Cuyahoga River Gorge has been luring adventure travelers since 1882, when it was the site of the High Bridge Glens Amusement Park. One hundred and twenty-five years earlier, 10-year-old Mary Campbell was taken from the Pennsylvania border by the Delaware Indians and brought to a cave in the gorge, becoming the first white child in America to reach Ohio. The Gorge Trail is 1.8 miles today, the high point of which comes when a dog has to choose its path through a maze of rocky cliffs. Road signs mark this stretch as "difficult" and bypass is offered, but there is nothing your dog can't handle. In fact, some stone steps have been cut in the most problematic passages.

The West Woods (Russell Township, SR 87)

These dark woods and sheltered rocky outcrops have long been rumored. The escaped slaves were hidden here at the railway station on earth. Civil war soldiers found refuge under the sills. The bootleggers operated illegal shots in the hollows. The 1.5-kilometer destination at this Geauga County exhibition park is the Ansel Cave, named for an early Massachusetts settler who may have crouched here. This trip takes place entirely under tall, hardwoods along wide, paved stone paths that are comfortable for paws.

South Booking at Chagrin (Chagrin Falls, Hawthorne Parkway)

The Chagrin River, which dominates this Cleveland metropolitan park, was declared a state-of-the-art scenic river in 1979. On the east side of the river, the squirrel path of the chain slides cautiously over the water under the guard of the rock ledge. This is a hike for calm, well-groomed dogs, just because the steep descents are not safe. Across the river, you can see the rock carvings of Henry Church, a blacksmith and self-taught artist who made himself known as a primitive folk artist after his death.

Ohio car accident recovery scheme

Ohio is one of the most states that has retained the traditional basis of "tort" or "culpability" for the recovery of accident victims. Ohio has minimum insurance coverage requirements. At the time of writing this article, every car owner must have $ 12,500.00 personal injury coverage up to a total of $ 25,000.00 for an accident. In addition, every car owner must have at least $ 7500.00 worth of damage coverage. These are the minimum insurance requirements. The minimum insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover the damage of many car accidents. To protect themselves from car accident insurance, many people carry far more than these minimum insurance amounts.

As stated earlier, Ohio's claim for damages arising from car accidents is based on a tort system. Tort is a civil mistake. In car accidents, the most common offense relied on is negligence. If you suffer personal injury in the accident as a result of the negligence of another, you can recover any damages reasonably arising from that accident. These damages may include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of profit or capacity to earn, and medical and other out-of-pocket expenses.

This means that determining who is to blame for a car accident will determine whether you can recover damages for the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident. Given that a car accident happens in the United States every ten seconds, it is not surprising that car accidents are the most common type of personal injury lawsuit. For this reason, it is important to know your legal rights if you are injured in a car accident.

Although the blame for the accident is often quite direct, there are also many accidents where the blame is not so clear. Often the fault for the accident will be split between the drivers and it is not entirely the fault of the driver. It's also important to know that "guilt" or "negligence" is a fact-based legal question. It is also common for two drivers involved in the same accident to have different opinions about what happened.

In addition to these types of car accidents, there are many situations where someone who has not even been involved in a car is negligent and is liable for damages. A faulty auto mechanic repair that causes an accident can create liability for the mechanic and / or his employer. A tavern can be damaging if a car accident is caused by a drunk driver who was serviced in that tavern. This does not mean that the drunk driver is not responsible. He or she will still be responsible for the car accident and damage. Liability for a car accident at a tavern is in addition to, rather than the legitimate responsibility of, a drunk driver. These are just two examples of people who were not directly involved in a car accident that could be responsible for that accident.

Determining who is to blame and in what proportion is just the first step in a car accident lawsuit in Ohio. The next step is determining what kind of damage (ie how much money) is paid as a result of the accident. As stated earlier, these damages include pain and suffering, loss of income and medical expenses. Only damage that is reasonably leaked or caused reasonably by accident can be recovered. There are often serious questions raised by the defendants as to whether the particular damages claimed are actually caused by the accident. For example, often the defendant claims that the victim can earn income despite his or her injuries. The defendant may also claim that the victim does not need all the medical treatment that the victim's doctor recommends. In some circumstances, the defendant will even claim that the victim has recovered from his injuries and is falsifying disability solely for the purposes of the lawsuit.

As you can see from the above, although the basic tort law governing car accidents in Ohio seems straight forward, each accident is unique and each victim's problems are also unique. If you are injured in a car accident in Ohio, an experienced and qualified car accident lawyer can help you get all the damages you are entitled to. Because there are time limits within which you should start car accident lawsuits to seek legal assistance as soon as practicable after a car accident is reasonable.

* This article is not intended to provide legal advice. It is recommended that you consult your lawyer for advice on your particular case.

A Dragonfly Neo-V Kitchen Review Straight From Columbus, OH

Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine is a hidden little gem of a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Not located on a main road, it has a niche concept, but still stands out with delicious vegan cuisine.

The "V" in Neo-V was originally supposed to mean vegetarian, according to the cook's owner. The menu appears to be vegan and most of the ingredients used in cooking come straight out of the garden at the back of the restaurant. This obviously encourages eating only the flavors of the season and forces the Dragonfly Neo-V kitchen to change its menu frequently – which it does.

The interior is unpretentious but at the same time stylish. It has a simple flow and feel that forces you to focus on the complexity of the menu. Other restaurants in Columbus, OH should be noted – this is not a high-end 24/7 city with everyone attending the same cast. The reinvention of the wheel does not work very well here.

I can't think of a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio outside the kitchen of the Dragonfly Neo-V that caters to the vegetarian / vegan crowd, so it makes it a little easier to round some pockets in this market without competition. The cook makes sense to let the flavors of the seasonal ingredients speak, and the food is delicious.

Our service was great – I know they're not perfect and I go to restaurants to enjoy my food first and foremost. I've been to many restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, where the service was suspect at best, but the food came out and was amazing. This constitutes many things in my humble opinion. Take the food properly; we will worry about the rest later.

The toasted pistachio tofu was great. I skipped the dessert, but they had plenty of selection. They even have a concept for a light lunch near their restaurant called On The Fly. I was given a lot of samples from the garden offerings as I waited for my meal. It's a nice touch. No expectations, just give it a try and you can buy this kind of surgery.

Vegan restaurants are few and far between this beer and pizza city, so having a place like Dragonfly Neo-V cuisine right in the heart of this city is a nice touch. The food was hearty, I was not hungry for an hour and I felt great in support of the local community. I'll go back to the vegan fare for sure.

Historic landmarks of Amherst, Ohio and landmarks

Amherst Ohio is a city of about 12,000 residents, located in northeast Ohio and part of the greater Cleveland metropolitan area. The city has the beautiful shores of Lake Erie to the north and the historic Oberlin College just minutes to the south. Located in Loren County, Amherst is close to the major cities of Elyria and Loren.

A beautiful city known for its safe neighborhoods and hometown feel, Amherst prides itself on being a great place to grow a family. There are many local historical and visitor sights, and the city is full of unique businesses and tourist attractions.

Amherst was once known as the sandbox capital of the world because of the several sandstone careers that operated in the area. Even today, visitors can still see many local historic buildings that were built with the help of a local sandstone from Amherst's quarries. Amherst City Hall, Amherst Public Library and other structures use Amherst's native sandstone, as well as buildings in the United States and as far away as Canada.

Local Historical Society, a bed and breakfast, antique shops and a movie theater downtown all add to the feel of Amherst's hometown. The downtown area is well known for a fun, clean, safe nightlife, and there are several well-managed pubs and pubs that attract people from all over Loren County.

Amherst Ohio has one of the lowest crime rates in northeast Ohio, due largely to its exemplary police department and city administration, which is dedicated to keeping streets and neighborhoods safe for families. The Amherst Fire Department, which has a volunteer staff of part-time firefighters, is also an example of efficiency and professionalism.

Many families have chosen to buy homes in Amherst because of the famed Amherst school district, and urban schools are known to provide first-class education for local children. Local city parks and recreation areas, a walking trail to Beaver Creek Reserve, baseball fields and a local swimming pool add to the list of places for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the moderate weather.

Although winters in Amherst Ohio can bring a deep snow effect from the lake, city services are very good at maintaining the streets. During the summer, Amherst boasts some fun events and traditions that locals look forward to, such as Memorial Day Parade, Old Time Jamboree, Main Street Dance and other events.

Ohio Cabin Rental

Ohio is a vacation destination for many different reasons. In general, the majority of travelers to Ohio come to seek a peaceful rural retreat or view of nature in the rolling hills of south Ohio. There are many different activities to take and many different places to choose from when you decide to take a vacation in Ohio.

Ohio cabin rentals make the experience even more enjoyable and can be found in the state in many different places. You will find cabins near rivers and lakes, as well as cabins on Lake Erie, which is a popular tourist attraction for the state. From fishing and boating to hiking and amusement parks, Ohio has something for everyone.

If you are looking for hiking and camping destinations, you will be best placed to visit Hawking Hills, OH and other areas in the southern part of the state. These destinations provide plenty of parks and trails for hiking and camping outside, whether in a cabin in the woods or just in their own camping tent.

Renting a cabin in Ohio will give you access to many of the state's fun activities, including fishing, boating, hiking, and swimming across the many rivers and lakes throughout the state.

Ohio cabin rentals are quite affordable, depending on the exact location you choose to visit. You will probably pay more for a cabin on Lake Erie than you would for example in Amish or down in Southern Ohio. You can find rental cars in Ohio online, including photo galleries and various destinations to help you plan your vacation. Many people want a vacation where they can get out of everything and return to nature. While there are plenty of places to check out, Ohio can be an affordable, less crowded vacation destination to make your vacation so much more peaceful and relaxing.

There are so many different options for destinations around Ohio that you will surely find something that meets your specific vacation needs and desires. Whether you're vacationing with your family or just having a loved one, there is something to see and do in Ohio. You may also be surprised to enjoy as much fun as you would in a larger destination city or resort, but at much more affordable prices and with more serenity and serenity than you can find anywhere else.

Ohio Lottery – The best games are kicker and mega millions

The Ohio Lottery offers many games for residents of the state. But what are the best games? The answer depends on what type of lottery player you are, but you will be Mega millions or The kick,

There are two types of lottery players. The first type is the type of player who wants to win as much money as possible, no matter the odds. The second is the type of player who wants to make a lot of money but also pays attention to odds and prefers games that are more likely to win, even if it means winning less.

The Ohio Lottery subscribes to Mega Millions, an interstate lottery game with massive jackpots. If you are the first lottery player, the guy who wants to win as much as possible, no matter the odds, should play on Mega Millions. The chances of winning a jackpot in Mega Millions are approximately 1 in 175 million, but jackpots often rise to more than $ 100 million.

If you are the second lottery player, the guy who wants to win a lot of money but prefers games that are more likely to win, the Ohio Lottery offers a game called The Kicker. In The Kicker, players must match six numbers to win the jackpot, and the odds are a relatively good 1 per million with a $ 100,000 jackpot. Of course, the jackpot is smaller than it is in Mega Millions, but players are much more likely to win it.

Kicker and Mega Millions are the best games in the Ohio lottery, but the Ohio lottery offers many more games, such as instant zero-zero lotto games. They offer instant games such as Platinum payout, money stacks, Break The Bank, Fantastic 5's, Bonus Cashword, Instant Keno and Slots Of Luck. It is best to compare your chances of winning with the ticket price before buying an instant ticket for zero from Ohio.

Gahanna Homes – Great place to live in Central Ohio

If you are looking for a great place to live in Central Ohio, you need to take the time to browse all the great homes of Gahana for sale. Located on the outskirts of Columbus at the intersection of Interstates 270 and 62, Gahana is one of the largest of the suburbs of Columbus. Easy 10 minutes by car from I-670 from downtown Columbus, the Gahana location provides the perfect location for people who want to travel to and from Columbus while maintaining some distance from downtown.

Founded in 1849 on the banks of the Big Walnut Creek, its name comes from an Indian word meaning the joining of three rivers. Gahanna, dubbed the "Herbal Capital of Ohio," makes good use of the Big Walnut River where residents can enjoy boating, fishing and stunning views of Creekside Park. In fact, Gahana offers such a vibrant sense of community that it was recently cited as one of the best places to live by a nation's magazine.

Creekside Park is just one grace that makes Ghana the perfect place for families and other residents interested in the suburbs of Columbus. Gahanna offers an exciting variety of festivals and events, from Creekside Blues & Jazz to Holiday Lights. The Feast of Lights is one of the jewelry events of the Midwest, featuring brightly lit floats, marching bands and towed horses. Gahanna offers a variety of other natural attractions, including the Geroux Herb Garden and the Gahanna Woods State Nature Reserve, one of the largest stands of Ohio forests.

Partly because of these attractions, Ghana is a booming city. Residents enjoy a constant rise in housing values ​​and crime, and the unemployment rate remains well below the national average. Housing values ​​remain strong and above the state average in almost every category, from single-family homes to two-family homes and multi-family condominiums. Residents can also find different housing options ranging from the low to mid $ 100,000s to the $ 400,000 plus range.

Nearly 75% of the property in Ghana is family-owned, and the city offers seven public elementary schools, three high schools and one central high school to cater for families & # 39; needs. As an area, these schools have earned a statewide Excellent rating for the 2009-2010 school year. The district was also one of only 22 in the country to receive a prestigious grant recently to support the foreign languages ​​taught there. Gahana also enjoys access to a number of private institutions and academies, as well as to a nearby Ohio State University.

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Columbus and 5 minutes from Columbus International Airport, Gahana is a convenient place for any family seeking the convenience of a big city while maintaining its small town charm and countless local events and festivals. Gahana itself has all the amenities residents can ask for, including several shopping centers, five public parks and recreation areas, a municipal golf course, as well as various restaurants, hotels and other industries.

Gahana is actively investing in downtown, working on a project to revitalize his historic downtown neighborhood. Since 2004, Old Ghana has witnessed a multi-million dollar project to bring restaurants, parks and other attractions to Crixus' historic district. The area is also home to the historic village of Gahana, where visitors can get an authentic taste of what early pioneering life in Ghana was like.

When looking for a home in Central Ohio, Ghana should be a suburb that you carefully consider for the reasons described above. With everything Gahana has to offer, including great schools and a strong and stable real estate market, you're bound to find the right house to meet your needs.

Bee Positive – backyard beekeepers from Port Clinton, Ohio

When we think of bees, we usually think of flowers, honey, dandelions, clover and many other images that connect us to nature. Our connection with the earth through bees is not only a comforting connection but also a necessary one; one that has seen human threats lately, as well as the unexplained. But in one corner of the world, on the shores of Lake Erie, a bee phenomenon has parts of the community bursting into, well, hives.

We've all heard the buzz about colony disorder (CCD), the phenomenon of worker bees abruptly disappearing from the hive, leaving honey and immature bees to die. There have been reductions in hives throughout agricultural history, but they were not significant enough until 2006, when the drastic reductions gave birth to a new mandate. The agricultural importance of bees should not be underestimated. Bees are an integral part of the ecosystem in the way they interact and connect with their parts. Over one third of our food supplies rely on bee pollination and are essential to the reproduction of the plants that bee service.

Imagine a world without blueberries, avocados, almonds, sunflowers, cranberries or, your summer favorite, watermelon. Without the honey bee, many of our staple foods would be at risk. Without the bees, we also wouldn't have the direct by-product: honey. Raw honey is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Our story, without the bees, would have a much different look. Civil war gunshot wounds were filled with honey as a way to heal and fight infection. In the Middle Ages, before the invention of gunpowder, bees were introduced into clay balls and used as projectiles during wartime.

More recently, the Cleveland Clinic reports that it gives its patients surgery to drink honey rather than jelly as a postoperative recovery agent. Hotels that have grown their own herbs and flowers have added bee hives to their culinary repertoire for sweets, soups, salad dressings and more. The end-product of the honey bee, beeswax, has been used for candles for the Catholic Church for centuries. Considered a sacred product, beeswax was once a requirement for all candles used in services. Ancient Egyptians used beeswax to make masks of death, to create statues of gods for graves, and to embalm their loved ones.

But one of the latest steps in protecting the honey bee came from the most logical but surprising place: the Haagen-Dazs Corporation. In 2008, the company gave $ 100,000 to the University of California at Davis to tackle the decline in bee populations and to support research on sustainable pollination. More recently, Haagen-Dazs has partnered with UC Davis to raise awareness of the plight of the honey bee with its plans for Honey Bee Haven. This set of interconnected gardens, Pollution Patch, Nectar Corner and Hiding the Bee Hive provides a year-round source of food for bees. Honey Bee Haven is located half an acre from the UC Davis campus at the Local Bee Research Center for Bees. Once again imagine a world without ice cream, including Hagen-Daz.

But corporations like these are not the only entities involved in the fight against CCD. Backyard beekeepers are cut or pollinated across the country, accompanied by associations to support the "new bees" in their endeavors. These organizations act as a resource for amateur beekeepers, stung by the desire to include "bees". They provide forums for exchanging ideas and information to raise public awareness of the benefits of natural honey and beehives. The Galvin-Gilman family of Port Clinton, Ohio, exemplifies the concept of America's amateur beekeepers on the banks of Lake Erie. This family ran into or bumped into a hobby-turned-business in the summer when the opportunity to save a bee landed.

As with many first-time beekeeping entrepreneurs, they have had their share of bumps and gaps in beehives and are accustomed to bee-flyers who return to the hive after a busy pollination day. Galvin-Gilman are also targeted; It is imperative that you dress appropriately when dealing with hive dwellers. For headgear is essential a hat with a veil to protect the head and neck. Wearing light-colored jumpsuits is recommended because dark clothing irritates bees, making them more likely to sting as they may look to Galvin-Gillman as predators like a skunk or bear. Bees like to walk on their hands and feet, which is why loose fitting gloves and sturdy boots are important. For added protection, they fasten the cuffs of the shirt and pants to prevent the bees from entering.

They also learned more than they ever thought about bee civilization. There are three types of bees in the hive: the hive queen is the center of the bee universe and acts as the mother of them all. Each hive has one queen with the sole task of laying eggs to support the hive population. Like many American households, the hive requires a healthy, happy queen to last.

In addition to the queen there are bee workers and drones. The thousands of beekeepers who live in the hive have every responsibility, except laying eggs and mating. Most worker bee species do not have the ability to reproduce the queen and instead deposit wax to build a comb, keep the hive clean and safe, feed the larvae, drones and queen, collect the necessary nutrients for the hive, and maintain a consistent breeding area. they cool the hive, they deposit water, then they ventilate it with their wings, and in order to heat the hive, they collect to generate body heat.

Hive drones have limited functions, the main one being to mate with the queen. Drones have a different body style than worker bees, including larger eyes, bodies and tighter bellies. As mating with the queen happens in flight, larger eyes benefit the drones. A lesser benefit than being a drone is the fact that, after copulation, the drone dies due to the necessary parts that break away from the body during intercourse and are expelled from the hive in severe weather in the fall. Another function of the drone is to assist the worker bee in controlling the temperature in the hive. Thus, two very important functions for a bee whose life span is only 90 days.

Galvin-Gilman was first introduced to bee rearing when a hive was found in the trunk of a tree cut down. Transporting the hive was complicated, insidious, and unsuccessful, but left them eager to continue to study the intricacies of the process. They have started anew and have now grown to four successful hives with more planned for the coming summer season. She also gave them credit for the beekeeping adventure parts and parcels. A great favorite of the family is bee pollen, described by Beth Gilman as "wholesome food". Bee pollen has an earthy, rich taste and is thought to have "all the nutrients needed by the human body to sustain life". Its benefits include boosting the immune system, the ability to build allergen resistance, reduce stress and increase energy and endurance.

A sweet, chewy snack that they enjoy is bee propolis, which is used as an adhesive in the production of hives and has several recommended health benefits. It has been shown to have antibiotic and antiseptic properties and possible antiviral and anti-inflammatory applications. However, the bee is cautious; people who respond to bee stings can respond to propolis in the same way.

Another benefit of the Galvin-Gilman family in beekeeping is the spread of buying local. In his local WPCR All Around the Town program, Chris Galvin is involved in local products, businesses and people. From coffee shops to delicacies and everything in between, Chris introduced many local businesses, including generous gems, a Beth jewelry website that includes every type of jewelry that can be presented. Children's jewelry, bridal, licensed, religious and knowledgeable jewelry such as pieces for breast and ovarian cancer and autism can all be found at the touch of a button.

Chris also introduced and, the sites for the family bee business. Although the bees are ending their summer start and are beginning a rebirth for a new season, the Galvin-Gilman family do not remain idle. Brian Gilman acts as a worker bee on his own, planning, thinking and looking for new hives in time to be ready for the summer. Chris and Beth work hard on product design and marketing. Although the honey from Port Clinton was a new endeavor, the available honey they were selling was sold out within a week. So for the time being, they will work hard and drive behind-the-scenes fashion until early summer and everyone will find themselves busy as busy bees.

How to Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance Online in Ohio |

If you have recently moved, you know what it takes to get homeowners insurance offers. In Ohio, residents can actually have access to the Internet to help facilitate the work of quoting. It's Easy to Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance Online in Ohio if you are aware of what insurance companies look for in a client.

Just like with car insurance, your homeowners insurance rate depends on several factors. Apart from the size of your home, its age will also be a big consideration. Many larger, newer homes actually cost less to secure than an older home. This is because newer homes are made of materials that are considered more resistant to combustion. When looking for homeowners insurance online, you will need to specify the age of your home. Do not try to mislead the insurance company as they will double check this information before offering you a policy and it will only give you an incorrect offer.

You will also need to indicate if in the past you have had significant claims on the shelves of your home. If you have a record of claims for fire or theft, the insurance companies you contact for an online quote will treat you as a bad risk and your rates will reflect this. Your homeowner's insurance record follows you everywhere, so try to make sure that you will not make any claims unless they are legal.

Most insurance companies you contact online will also ask you if you want to pay your premiums monthly or annually. Select the annual option if you want a lower price. Insurance companies will charge a customer service fee who wants the convenience of paying once a month rather than once a year. These service fees can actually be accumulated, so they are in the hundreds of dollars a year. This money really belongs to you and if you make a reasonable budget you can keep it in your own pocket.

Ohio Lottery – History and Education

The Ohio Lottery was founded in May 1973, when the electoral referendum approved it. The actual game begins in 1974 and consists of weekly drawing. The lottery was later expanded by adding instant games, charity bingo and increasing the frequency of withdrawals. The lottery is also part of a donation program, offering 4.5 percent of its sales in Ohio public schools. In 2005, the amount offered under this program was about $ 14 billion.

The games that can be played in the Ohio lottery are daily drawings of Pick 3 and Pick 4 and drawing of Mega Millions twice a week, as well as numerous instant games. He also offers charity bingo and the television show "Cash Explosion."

The period during which a claim can be made is 180 days from the date of withdrawal, for redeeming tickets and 180 days from the closure of the game in case of immediate tickets. The payment method is simple for amounts under $ 600. The winner simply asks the retailer to pay the appropriate amount. For prizes over $ 600 but under $ 5000, the player must also go to the retailer and receive a PAY TO BEARER ticket which allows him to claim the lottery prize. There are two ways to do this. Either the player receives the claim form from the retailer or downloads it from the official lottery website. It is important for players to know this identification, as some data is essential to establishing the identity of the winners; therefore, a social security number, current address or photo identification is required. Payment will be made after 30 days after the request has been submitted from the form. For prizes over $ 5,000, you need to contact your nearest lottery office and make your request in person.

Interesting things about the lottery …

• The largest OH Lottery jackpot ever won is a $ 267 million Mega Millions jackpot, sold on 2/28/06 at the main stop in Lyons, 105 West Morentsi Street, Lyon, OH

• Ohio Lottery is 9th among state sales lotteries.

• The Ohio Lottery has nearly 8,500 licensed retailers nationwide

• Pick 3 and Pick 4 pools end at 12:25 p.m. Evening Pick 3 and Pick 4 close their pools at 7:25 pm Monday through Friday and 7:30 pm on Saturday.

• Each week, the Ohio Lottery selects the dealer of the week.

• For help with problem gambling, you need to call the Ohio Lottery Helpline and get support.