UFC Guru Ricardo Pires leads with his chin in Ohio

Q: What does it take to make a successful UFC coach leave Vegas for Cleveland?

A: The weather.

This is not a joke. While the Ohioans tremble, wearing uggs and martyrdom, Ricardo Pires probably takes off his sweater somewhere.

"People think it's weird," says a Rio de Janeiro native. "But I like the cold."

It got cold. But the blizzards, just atmospheric events, cannot take all the credit for attracting this world-renowned wrestling coach in Bookie State. Pires cites family values, the richness of what he calls "potential people" and the influence of longtime student and friend, Clevelander Mike Riedel.

At 45, Pires is a four-way Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor in Ohio, with four stripes on his black belt, in honor of a martial arts life. Although perhaps best known for training for UFC heavyweight champion in 2004, Frank Mir, Pires has been unleashed on the myth of "I can / can't teach" with a number of his international combat titles.

But Ricardo Pires is not a man to rest on his laurels. At an age where other Gen-Exers are still deciding what they want to do when they grow up, Pires has already done it – several times.

Pires has been involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since his childhood, but begins his career in professional sports playing football for the Miami Sharks. Football gave way to business (Pires holds an MBA), after which Pires returned to BJJ and the UFC, where a little understanding of business is not exactly a bad thing.

The scandalous cuts are not so scary after you get hooked. Originally created in the early 1990s as a kind of fantasy by Guys For Guys about which form of combat was the worst, the once-controversial Ultimate Fighting Championship has established itself to an almost respectable reputation. This transformation was largely due to the influence of Royce Gracie, who in 1993 struck opponents and spectators using BJJ techniques to prove that Might was no longer correct in the mixed martial arts empire.

It was as if King Kong and Godzilla were suddenly disturbed by Hong Kong Foi. The vast world welcomes Royce Gracie as the Great Little Hope, which reduces the size of the collar to no matter. Suddenly the big meant the slow and the small, the agile, and the conclusions went from pre-vanished to simply vanished.

If battle is the thing, Vegas is the place – or so it was. Since its inception, the UFC has expanded along the line of the Big Bang and makes sense when you consider the basic truth, boys love to fight , The 11 years or more that had passed since the Ancient Guy spent time cheerfully wooling mammoths to death were not enough to curb man's natural aggression, but until the UFC emerged, battles were only good if you are a professional. Your middle Guy was expected to achieve Enlightenment in the chairs intended for this purpose beyond the furnishing of women, and to limit his manly urges to the socially acceptable variety; Ie, followers of their friends at sports events.

Mixed martial arts lifted the Modern Guy from his lone swing in the women's department and made him stand once more – in the ring. Men found in the MMA a way to reclaim their Inner Boys in a relatively harmless and even constructive way.

But BJJ is not just for boys. The smaller size and innate meanness of women make them natural on the mat, and children and teens are attracted to fighting like deer with rhododendrons. Parents see BJJ as a way to channel their offspring's mood in a healthy way without the high fees for testing other martial arts. In BJJ belts rarely change their color other than fade, and the most common type of promotion is a small strip of tape, paid for strictly in blood, sweat and tears.

Moral: There's room for everyone in today's ring, and his admittedly fanciful preference for the cold makes the loss of Pires Vegas and Cleveland's profit. Pires teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu at his Beachwood and Westlake academies, as well as MMA classes at Evolve Fitness in Medina. Pires conducts seminars for local wrestlers and law enforcement officers, with both groups accounting for a significant percentage of RPBJJ's student body.

Although Pires has a proven track record of being in the right place at the right time, luck can hardly be a success. With a sunny smile and a deceptively soft look that misses nothing, Pires demands perfection for perfection. No one works harder or expects more of himself, and his example is rewarded by the constantly high positions of students in national and international competitions.

According to Pires, life imitates martial art. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what you learn on the mat follows you home. What is the best way to get out of a tight spot? Don't Get There, is Pires & # 39; unwavering reaction, with a big smile to pull the cord. I can't argue with that. And if you take a good look at Ricardo Pires, you are likely to win anyway.

Here, Pires answers a few questions about football, the pursuit of happiness, and last but not least, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

How did you get involved with BJJ?

I did judo as a kid and switched to ju-jitsu at 13 because my friends did it. But I also played football and by then I was playing for a professional team. At 17 I went professional and had to stop playing BJJ under contract. I didn't return to it until I was about 24 years old.

What happened to football?

It all happened too early. The years 13 to 21 are the best times in Rio. All my friends had fun and I was practically six days a week. Saturday we went into what they called concentração , right from practice to the hotel where we stayed until the game. He had to keep us together, to help us focus. But all my friends were partying and I was at this hotel. It was hard.

So how did you get back to BJJ?

I came to the US to play for the Miami Sharks when I was 19, and so did when I gave up. It was a difficult first professional experience. The coach was Carlos Alberto Torres, who captained the Brazilian national team that won the 1970 World Cup, and since it had a very strong name, none of us got paid. So I started working as a bus boy to earn some extra money. Then I moved to Catskills, New York. That's what I heard when I heard about Mike Tyson. He lived and trained about half a mile from where I was training. He was 16 and already had a name.

Moving to the Catskills gave me a break. I rented a hotel. The deal was that they would give me a job if I played football for them in the amateur championships, but it was a whole different thing. I could just have fun playing football. I didn't have a crazy workout schedule, so I liked it. I brought many friends from Brazil, such as Marcelo and Conan Silveira (they own the US top team), and brought my brother to New York to be with me. My brother, Marcelo and Conan have known each other since they were children. So suddenly the Catskills were full of Brazilians! We all eventually moved from Catskills to Miami, and Conan opened his own gym and I started training again because the hotel was a seasonal business. In New York State, when winter comes, everyone leaves.

How did you get to Cleveland?

Because of Mike Riedel. Mike flew to Vegas several times a year to train with me, but then I moved back to Brazil. I stayed there for about a year, but it didn't work out, so I decided to go back to the US. I wanted to go to a place I could explore and start from scratch, like when I was in Vegas and it was just me and John Louis and no one else. And then I got an email from Mike saying he was going to Vegas and I said, You can go, but I'm not there So a few weeks later Mike sent me an email saying he had a passport and visa! It was the greatest compliment in my life. Here you have a person flying from America to Brazil just to train. I kept trying to show him around, but Mike just wanted to train. I said to myself: This man is crazy So I said maybe I would get to Cleveland and Mike was organizing a seminar for me and I saw a lot of potential.

What potential?

Human potential. Athletic potential. If you are traveling in the US, this is statistics, this is a fact you have so many overweight people in the US, but when I came here I saw many people running and walking. There are many people in shape here. There must be a reason that this is one of the best countries for practicing combat; you just aren't born with natural abilities. I mean, there are some, but people really have to want to train.

And now, after 14 months, we have 140 members in one school and about 15% are children. What I mean is potential for people.

And another thing, people call me crazy, but I love the weather here. I don't like the rain, but the temperature works very well for me and best of all, it's a great place to raise your kids. She is very family oriented and I love it.

What makes BJJ different from other martial arts?

The results of the duels speak for themselves. I would say that 90% of the battles today will end on earth. So if you're going to get on earth, why not start from there?

Why is it that BJJ is so popular?

Well, MMA is the biggest reason, but Royce Gracie is the one who really made him famous. Gracies did a great job promoting this art and we all jumped on the band. The UFC was created by Gracies and we owe it to them, you can say whatever you want, but we owe everything to Gracies. Also, this is the kind of sport where you can go 100% without getting hurt, unlike boxing or kickboxing.

Who likes BJJ the most?

Everyone. It can fit into any schedule and every lifestyle. At one time I was a businessman, running a company with 900 employees. It wasn't easy, but it was the best time of my life. My coach called to come in broad daylight and fortunately I was able to leave my meeting and go to train. That was the beauty of being a boss! Then I go back to work for another 10 hours.

BJJ a product of American Violence Mania?

No, it's actually the opposite. Kids – and by that I mean teenagers until maybe in their early 20s – they already have this aggression inside them. So they start training and before they even get their blue belt, they beat people on the streets. This was happening in Brazil a lot and gave a bad name to BJJ. Believe it or not, MMA is responsible for making it a recognized sport. People stopped fighting on the street and started working professionally, which brought much more status than arrest! And that's why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu got a better reputation.

What can BJJ teach you other than kick ass?

Let me give you an example. I hurt my shoulder at Pan Ams in 1996 and had to do an MRI. So I get in the car and the lady gives me something to hold and says if you have to stop, just hit the button. And it was literally two inches from my face and I'm a little claustrophobic. And at the beginning I said, I'm not staying here! But then I thought, No, I'm not going to ask about that. So I closed my eyes and dozed off and went out 40 minutes later and everything was fine. On the other hand, when the nurse wanted to do it on my other shoulder, I said, "No way! ( dares ). Anyway, this is when I found out that BJJ had a positive effect on my life outside the mats. This gave me more control over when to push forward and when to pull away.

Control has become a dirty word in American society. Why is control a good thing in BJJ?

Control is a good thing, not a bad thing. Not so much controlling other people, but controlling your own feelings, your own actions – in other words, self-control. In BJJ control is an important element, but you control yourself before you control the situation. Control means being calm, not necessarily going slow. It means being careful.

How big a role does pain play in BJJ?

The two sports I practiced the most were football and BJJ, and the truth is that I injured myself a lot more in football. But, yes, you will get hurt, you move around, you are stranded in strange positions, people are on top of you, there is nothing you can do. You will hurt yourself, but it is not a bad pain. They are good marks. My injuries bring back good memories for me, not bad ones.

So, back from control, does self-control help to mitigate the possibility of injury?

Yes, absolutely. We have a man, Frank, he is an oboe player and I started thinking about that the next day and I thought, This man is crazy! We use many fingers in jiu-jitsu. But Frank can control himself enough not to hurt and threaten his career, and he doesn't give up because he can avoid injuries. He knows when to back off.

This raises the question of balance. How easy is it to find a balance?

Balance and flexibility are really important. I think you can learn the balance to some extent and you can improve, but it's actually a natural thing. You have it inside you. I could never walk the ropes, but since I was playing beach soccer, that developed my balance. Flexibility, on the other hand, I don't have any!

When you talked about taking BJJ skills off the mat, would you say that BJJ can help you balance your life?

Yes, of course, because BJJ is around borders. I think the best comparison is when you tap, this is when you find your balance, your self-control. You need to know when it's time to lose the battle, but not the war. The same thing applies to your business or your personal life and relationships. You know you have a line that you can't cross and if you cross it you get in trouble again. So you make the choice and live to fight another day.

What did America give you and what did you give America?

I don't think I personally gave anything to America, even though I think BJJ sports. America has given me so much. You can only rate it if you live in another country. People have no idea how good this country is. I love Brazil. It is beautiful and there are many great things about it, but unfortunately I must say that in America we have more respect for man than in Brazil.

In Vegas, you coached some of the biggest names in the UFC. Do you ever miss the big time?

Let's put it this way: I had a friend, Rick Davis, who was a teacher at school. He received $ 700 to fight Henry Matamoros, who by the way became a good friend of mine after that fight. Anyway, Rick started at war with this guy, equality, and it was one of the most exciting duels I've seen. The battle was in Chicago. I paid my own plane ticket and Rick's check bounced. I never told him I paid him $ 700 from my own pocket. Let's say I was very pleased with the result.

A few weeks later, Frank Mir fights Tim Sylvia for the title. Frank won, but not the way he hoped, and the reporter asked me how I felt about one of my fighters going from nothing to becoming a UFC heavyweight champion. I'm not lying to you, I gave him the answer, thinking about Rick's struggle, because I needed to be enthusiastic and failed.

I wasn't worried about fame or the crown, but I still had a brotherhood mentality. Frank was also a friend – he became like a son to me – but the training and results were not like Rick Davis's. So I can compare this to the choice between Cleveland and the UFC. So, if the question is why are you here and not in training in Vegas? The answer is that I get a lot more enjoyment out of teaching friends than training professionals.

You work a lot. How do you always have a smile on your face?

I do not do it! ( dares ) The truth is, this is my playground. Can you imagine how you handle your living? I don't call it work, I call it retirement. In addition, as a BJJ instructor, I put myself in the shoes of students. You leave work, your family, you go a long way to get here. We have a person who drives an hour and a half three times a week to come here. I have no right not at all to be here and not smile.

How do you stay in balance?

I have a beautiful wife and children. I can be anywhere in the world and if they are with me, I am in balance. Physically, I have to work on it. I don't drink, which helps. I just don't like alcohol, I never do it. I like to control myself. I have never used drugs or steroids. Let's face it, in 2010 you can't just close your eyes and say that steroids have gained. Steroids do help if you get the right doctor and the right dosage, but what's the point?

I am very sensitive to medication. If I take Dayquil I can sleep for two days. Also, because I've been playing sports for so long, I like to be fit, it just seems right. Обичам да се търкаля по тепиха толкова много, че щом забележа, че техниката или изпълнението ми намаляват, правя нещо по въпроса. Просто започнах отново да тичам. Никога не се притеснявам за корема си или за начина, по който изглеждат бицепсите или краката ми, но ако тичането ми дава още един тренировъчен ден, ще бягам. Не знам какво ще се случи след 50, аз просто ще кажа, завийте коефициентите и продължете. Не се притеснявам за това, което ще се случи през следващите 40 години, притеснявам се за следващите четиридесет минути!

Какво е погледът на вашия домашен любимец?

Клюка. Има забавна клюка, която е най-добрата част от обучението, говоренето на боклук и правенето на шеги, но има лоши клюки, опитвайки се да изобличим някого или да се забъркаш с репутацията им, само за да се чувстваш важен. Наистина много го мразя това и въпреки че се опитвам да не използвам думата омраза – научих децата си да не използват тази дума – но аз мразя клеветя.

Толкова много уважавам тези сини и лилави колани, които там учат джиу-джицу. Те не правят пари, вероятно имат редовна работа и разпространяват думата. Давам на тези момчета голям кредит и не ми се иска да ги чувам да бъдат критикувани само заради класирането им на колана.

Кой е най-големият ти страх?

Нямам огромен. Ако не друго, да не сте здрави и да се налага да спирате спорта. Когато бях дете, повече се страхувах да не загубя баща си, отколкото да загубя живота си, и това се случи преди няколко години. За съжаление, като остарееш, започваш да очакваш нещата и когато очакваш неща, които те не нараняват толкова.

Как определяте щастието?

Постигане. Когато постигнете цел, сте щастливи.

Спомням си, че преди години печелех много пари с бизнеса си, а брат ми правеше достатъчно, за да плати сметките, но забелязах, че е по-щастлив от мен! И си помислих: Това ли искам от живота? Това беше, когато започнах да се концентрирам повече върху BJJ. Долетях до Бока Ратон и се обадих на Марсело Силвейра, за да обядвам. Дойдох в хубавия си костюм и скъпата си кола, а Марсело се показа в джапанки, къси панталони и риза през раменете. Казах, Вие днес няма да работите? И той каза: Току що го направих.

Казах, Марсело, часовник 12 часа в следобедните часове! Кога трябва да се върнете? И той каза: Чак до утре вечер , и казах КАКВО ??

И си помислих, че нещо не е наред, той вероятно няма пари за плащане на сметките, и ние стигаме до апартамента му, и наистина е хубаво, и той има хубава кола, и всички сметки му се изплащат. И аз казах: Тук нещо не е наред и това не е той, аз съм , Така че сложих две и две заедно и казах: Завийте това ,

Значи се отказахте от компанията?

Не, не го отказах. Разбих се за първи път в живота си, така че казах, че просто ще правя това, което ме прави щастлива. И не можах да спра да мисля за брат си и Марсело, те наистина са щастливи и не съм. И аз казах: Аз няма да се опитвам да спечеля милион долара, за какво? И това е, когато се преместих във Вегас. Това беше 1999 година.

Ако можехте да се върнете и да направите всичко отново, какво бихте направили по различен начин?

Нищо. Мисля, че всички грешки, които направих, ми помогнаха. Когато бях в моя MBA клас, трябва да говорите за себе си, знаете, да се представите в класа. Спомням си, че казах, че бях там само по една причина, за да науча защо нещата, които направих, се получиха добре и разбира се да науча и за грешките си. Грешките са добро нещо, ако ги поемете по правилния начин. Точно като отношенията. Бях женен преди и се научих от това. Приятелства също. Ако някой направи нещо, което не харесвате, вие просто не си отидете, опитайте се да го поправите.

Къде се виждате след 20 години?

( Смее ) Няма 20 години, 20 минути! Целта ми е да се търкаля за 10, да почива за 5 и да търкаля още 10.

Имате ли герой?

Моето семейство.

Имате ли мото?

Две. Няма правилен начин да направите грешно. И полуистина е пълна лъжа.

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The Gypsy Queen of Marion Ohio

Where did the gypsy queen come from? Was she a freaking exotic dancer? What was her real name? Was she a gypsy at all? She died during child labor and may be buried.

The popular story is that she was an exotic dancer & # 39; from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, which fell in love with an American named Charles Judge.

Here's what I learned about Gypsies and the World's Fair:

The 1889 World's Fair in Paris is the earliest account of Algerian Gypsy street performers who had dancers in their tribe, which would later inflame the phrase known worldwide as Belly Dancers. Then at the World's Fair in Chicago, Columbia Exposition of 1893, there was an exhibition called "Cairo Street" where Algerian dancers prepared the provocative "Hootchy-Kootchy". dance. One popular dancer was called Little Egypt. At that time, Gypsies were believed to have originated in Egypt. Some say she was not a gypsy at all, but the Gypsies accepted her as their queen.

The Gypsy Queen's Local History

By 1905, Brazilian Gypsies were around the city of Marion Ohio. A pregnant Gypsy named Queen Cleo was with them. By the time she gave birth, she fell ill. A doctor was called but it was too late for the young woman to die. She was 30 years old. The baby was healthy, but nothing more is known about the baby. The local newspaper was investigating, but the gypsies, who spoke little English, wanted nothing to do with the press or even the developer. An old man from the tribe told the Marion Star reporter: "I don't like her, but she'll just say her name was Mrs. Anne Judge, nothing more. Gypsies from all over Ohio attended the funeral at St. Mary's Church.

She is buried in the non-Catholic part of St. Mary's Cemetery in Marion. She is said to be buried in an upright position.

Were these Gypsies in Algeria? The Brazilian? Gypsies are found in both countries.

Pennies, coins, jewelry and other items are laid on the grave of Queen Cleo in hopes of earning some good.

We visited the site of the gypsy queen. We have made some change and have made a prayer and a wish. I can only wonder the wisdom of trying to get lucky from the grave of a woman where her luck disappears so early in life. Her wooden cross, a harsh reminder of a long time ago, when gypsies were still traveling this country, in wagons with lucky women.

If you ever make your way there, be sure to give something to the Queen and never disgrace the site, otherwise you will fall victim to a gypsy curse.

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The Keno Lottery is a nationwide lottery played throughout Ohio. Millions of people in Ohio regularly participate in the game. Therefore, investors are developing many ways to attract and persuade consumers to join the local Keno lottery. The Ohio Cinema Show is known as a regular weekly television event announcing winning combinations. But the events also provide plenty of fillers and entertainment segments to grab the attention of consumers and viewers across the country and city.

Celebrities and personalities are always present in the transmission of results. Dance and song numbers are presented. In some cases, special interviews are held while the results are awaited. This is effective for increasing Keno lottery ticket sales. In fact, people who can present a dozen tickets will get free seating in the actual live studio suite. Other promotions and offers are given to people who have purchased playing cards. This is a very effective and reliable marketing campaign.

Increasing revenue and sales also benefit consumers as prices are added bonuses based on the number of tickets sold. The weekly jackpot price will also accrue if no winner wins the perfect 20-digit combination. At one time, the price of a jackpot reached several million dollars. This is a great way to add excitement and interest to the users who follow the game.

The Ohio Keno Lottery Results Show has an airtime of one hour. Consumers should watch the show as it provides guides and tips on how to find the best combination. Prices are given for people who have reached at least seven correct figures. A person's money will be multiplied by the number of correct numbers plus zero. The minimum prize that can be won is $ 1400. This is significant, given that the minimum bet would be $ 20. Hundreds of people win weekly, making the game more likely to win. The results shown are also addressed to various projects, charities and government agencies that receive lottery money. This is a good way to advertise the benefits to the public from the Keno Lottery. Much of the money is being spent to help people in need. Scientists are selected to receive training assistance and other educational grants. The results of the Ohio Keno Lottery have educated people about the benefits of state-sponsored gambling and lottery.

People can get results and winning combinations using mobile phones and other portable computing devices. The service is ideal for business and leisure travelers alike. At the touch of a button, all results will be sent to the user's mobile phone. This is a very practical and reliable way to help people see if they have won the lottery.

Ohio movie results can be viewed on television, the Internet, or mobile. The media made the information very accessible to every body.

Life and livelihood in Middletown, Ohio

Middletown is based in the southwestern segment of Ohio at Butler Palace. Middletown is well known for being the headquarters of AK Steel Holding Corporation, a leading steel industry founded in 1900. It later transferred to West Chester Township, Ohio in 2007. There is a small airport in Middletown called Hook Field ( airport code MWO) is no longer served by commercial aircraft but is now used for general aviation. Its great location and rapid outward expansion shaped Middletown, a well-known place to live and raise a family.

This city of Ohio has a wide collection of business and industry with many exciting job opportunities. The new Atrium Medical Center is one of the 100 best hospitals in the world.

This city also has the advantage of an impressive educational system. The Middletown School District is effective in educating most of the city. The Middletown school consists of eight primary schools and two secondary schools. Middletown has won seven state championships in basketball, which is higher than any other school in the state. Middletown, Ohio contains a regional campus of the University of Miami, along with various other high schools and university options.

Life in Middletown is never boring; there are always some kind of events happening in the area. There are many interesting community events happening in the area, including Middfest, the Greek Festival, the Fenwick Festival, The Ohio Hot Air Balloon Challenge, All-American Weekend, various outdoor concerts and many more. Middletown also adopts the National Aeronca Association Convention every two years. At the convention, owners of airplanes, pilots, flight attendants and former Aeronca employees meet at Hook Field Airport for a weekend of flying and entertainment. For shopping, the best place to visit is the Towne Mall, which is the largest job provider in the city and one of the 100 best hospitals in the country. AK Steel is the next largest employer in Middletown. In addition, the City Council focused most of its focus on refreshing business prospects downtown.

Middletown, OH. Welcome home !!!!

Lessons from the Camden Ohio Water Emergency

Most residents of the United States accept their shared water security for granted; for sure, some in the desert southwest worry that they will have to choose which fields to water and which to abandon, but very few worry about where they will get their fresh drinking water. Imagine if that changed. For residents of a small town in western Ohio, that has changed; The city's water supply became so polluted that it was impossible to supply the residents with drinking water and urgent measures had to be taken. In this first of a three-part series, H2Bid will look at this disaster and its impact on the city of Camden, OH.

Camden, Ohio, is a small town in the southwest corner of the state; in the summer of 2010, residents of Camden began to notice that their tap water had a salty taste. The city's local water service supplies drinking water to about 2,500 residents; this water is drawn from three main well sites. The mayor and city council wanted to know what was happening, so they took action to test the water.

In August 2010, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) tested the water and found that one of the three wells showed significant contamination with salt and saline and the second well showed signs of rising salt levels. The first well was considered unfit for drinking and was immediately discarded. A few weeks later, the second well was also decommissioned; the third well was taken offline to avoid any potential that heavy use would further harm the aquifer. By the fall of 2010, the entire well field was contaminated and considered completely unfit for drinking.

After the contamination of the first well was discovered, the mayor and the Camden City Council began immediately distributing bottled water to city residents. Each gallon was given one gallon of water a day; households with children receive two gallons each day. Even with this help the wrath of the inhabitants grew; handmade signs asking how this happened, lined the streets and municipal council meetings ended with arguments and shouts. The OEPA attended several of these meetings and tried to help the city's citizens understand the issues.

OEPA believes that uncovered salt piles in the property are a potential cause of contamination. Scientists believed that the saline runoff from these piles was flowing into the stream bed, which was dry during the summer months. This water, with a high concentration of salt, is then soaked through the stream in the aquifer. This contamination has probably occurred within one or more years since the salt piles were first identified in 2009. At that time, the OEPA and the city of Camden requested that the salt be covered or removed; it is plausible that such cleaning would save the well of the city, though one would never know for sure.

In the fall of 2010, the city of Camden faced a difficult choice. The municipality's closest water supply, the Southwest Regional Water Supply System, would be a good alternative to the city's contaminated water supply, but it will take several months and an estimated cost of $ 400,000 to connect Camden to the system. Alternatively, the city is drilling exploration wells in a different area to see if a new well site can be created. The cost of creating a new well field would be less than connecting to the regional system of the Southwest, but it was not certain that a new uncontaminated aquifer with sufficient volume of water could be discovered quickly.

One woman was killed while recording "Love Rollers" by Ohio Players?

The myth

Players in Ohio, a funk group in the mid-1970s, were considered one of the best bands of their time. This particular myth revolves around the song "Love Rollercoaster". The beginning of the song has a piercing and sharp scream of a female voice. Players in Ohio are a group of male singers, so when a female voice is added, it seems random rather than deliberate. Thus began much speculation about the source of the scream.

The first version of the story states that when the recording was made, a woman was killed by an intruder right next to the studio or in the studio itself. The woman's identity varies with the girlfriend of a member of the group and the cleaning woman.

What happens is that the "honey" used is not really copper, but some kind of liquid plastic that somehow adheres to the skin, which when removed removes the skin. Obviously, someone fucked. The scream is from the model whose skin has been skinned as a result. Another version of the same story states that the model, which suffered from the liquid plastic, is threatening to sue. Then the manger (or someone) stabs her immediately in the studio, causing the scream to be recorded as an accident.

The third version of the rumor is more normal. The scream was taken from a 911 call or a psychiatric call.

The truth

Who better to rumor than a member of the group? Quoted by Jimmy Diamond Williams, he said: "There's a part of the song that has a breakdown. It's guitar and it's just before the second verse, and Billy Beck makes one of those breaths that Millie Ripleton makes to his high note or Mariah Carey reaches the octaves above. The DJ made that crack and swept the country. People asked us, "Did you kill this chick in the studio?" We took the vow of silence because it makes you sell more records. "

Here is a video of this rumor. The scream is from 2:01 to 2:04.


Last words

In my opinion, the fact that the band is hiding this truth for selling more records may not be as honest. They should at least clarify it centuries ago.

Verdict: BUSTED !!!!!! (See the full article for illustrations on the website.)

Ohio Criminal Records – Where to Get Criminal Ohio Public Records

If you live in Ohio; then there is good news for you because you can do a free search of Ohio criminal records online. Nowadays, it is very important to check the background or to check the credentials of the people you are constantly working with. This is for your own protection; as well as the safety of your family.

To start your search for Ohio criminal records online, just go online and visit one of the official websites on this site. One of the best search sites is drc.ohio.gov; with the World Wide Web (www) before it. Once logged in, click on the offender information, followed by the offender search button.

Once you've moved to a new page, you can simply do a free investigation of a particular person using his or her family; you can also filter your search by county to get more accurate results. However, the information you receive from this site is of a general nature; such as the person's name, photo, number, date of birth, status of the case, and type of crime committed. This information is already sufficient for you to verify.

Another method is to visit your local county courts, such offices located at the following addresses:

  • Adams County: 110 W. Main Street in West Union, OH 45693
  • Licking County: 20 S. 2nd Street of Newark, OH 43055
  • Logan County: 101 S. Main, 2nd Floor, Room 12 at Bellefontaine, OH 43311-2097
  • Ashland County: 142 W. 2nd Street in Ashland, OH 44805
  • Madison County: 1 N. Main, Room 204 of London, OH 43140
  • Mahoning County: 120 Market Street of Youngstown, OH 44503
  • Brown County: Danny L. Pryde Courtroom at 101 S. Main Street in Georgetown, OH 45121
  • Butler County: 210 S. 2 nd Street, Lower Nivelin Hamilton, OH 45011
  • Ottawa County: 315 Madison Street, Room 304 in Port Clinton, OH 43452
  • Pickaway County: 207 S. Court Street in Circleville, OH 43113

Another best option for you is to search your private online services where you can access a huge database of public documents online. This is one of the best solutions for your pursuit of detailed information on Ohio criminal records.