Charley & Grilled & # 39; s Subs Franchise Review

During a family vacation, Charlie missed the right exit that led him to South Philly. He tried the Philly Steak and it was love at first. He couldn't forget the taste, so he returned the recipe to his home in Columbus, Ohio and began testing his own improvements to his colleagues' recipes.

Seeing his enthusiasm and motivation, his mother makes his life savings for him so that he can open the first Charlie at the University of Ohio. It was a 450-square-foot, 16-seat restaurant including Steak Subs Subs, Gourmet Fries and Natural Lemonade. It was a hit!

1991 marks the beginning of Charlie's franchise. Then pavilions began to spread around the world from malls to the army and air bases. This excellent Charley & Grilled Subs taste can now be enjoyed in hundreds of locations, from Ohio to Hawaii, from Alaska to Japan and other places.

Opening a franchise is a great opportunity and know the passion of franchisees. This is what brought Charlie's success. From the first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, it has grown into a network that spans the globe. They have built a knowledge base, experience and resources for 23 years and are looking to expand this to their franchise partners. From location selection to daily marketing activities, they will do everything they can to make your business successful.

To be a franchisee, you must apply. For your convenience, you can enter their site and fill out a form. If you would like to submit a paper version of the application, you can request a franchise information package that you will see on the website.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a copy of our franchise disclosure document (FDD). This document contains extremely relevant information about Charlie's background and their franchise business program that you must sign. Once your application is processed, the new business development director for your place will arrange a personal meeting with you. Not only will this meeting answer your questions, it will also help us decide whether to qualify for approval as a franchisee.

After approval by the Director, you will be invited to visit our corporate office in Columbus, OH. During this visit, you will be participating in a two-day program where you will get a deeper understanding of the company. Finally the franchise agreement is signed and the franchise fee is paid.

The one-time franchise price is $ 24,500 and you need liquid assets ranging from $ 75,000 to $ 100,000. To get the advantage of a third-party lending source, you need a minimum of 700 credit scores. Royalty is 6% of gross sales. National advertising accounts for 0.25% of gross sales. Franchisees are required to spend 3% of gross sales locally by promoting their restaurant.

When looking to start any business, it is important, especially given today's market, to look for specific ways to reduce or reduce the minimum cost and risk. Every business will be at risk, but it is important to have a thorough understanding of the amount of investment, start-up costs and ROI.

Most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchising ventures fail in the first two to five years, leaving large debts to come years after.

One of the ways and in my opinion the best way to reduce overhead, startup and investment is to take advantage of the new era of entrepreneurship and start a business from the comfort of your own home. Opportunities are created in the online market that create millionaires every day. Learn more about the exciting opportunities associated with a business model that is beginning to be profitable by visiting:

How to Appeal against Real Estate Tax

If you think the value of your home is greater than what you can sell your house for, then it is in your best interest to dispute the value. The first thing to understand is that property taxes are one of the largest sources of revenue for your municipality, county, and state government. Tax assessments are made up of two components, they include: the value of your land and also your home. The Ohio revised code and the Ohio administrative code mandate the appraisal department to reassess every parcel every six years or to update every three years if home improvements are made based on building permits for your property. Understanding how to challenge the value of your home is crucial to winning your appeal. You will need to consider many factors to determine the fair value of your home. The auditor will look at the area, age of your home, square footage, recent improvements, outbuildings, decks or patios and / or other areas of your property that are of value.

To appeal your property tax assessment, you must contact your local county auditor to file a formal appeal of your property's appraised value. You should start by requesting a copy of the property card from the local auditor's office. The property card should include the information used to determine the appraised value of your homes, which includes: square footage, plot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, finished basement, and more. If there is any inaccuracy in this information, you should inform your auditor & # 39; office in writing mistakes. You must also contact your local auditor to fill out a complaint form or you can file a complaint electronically on their website. Electronic filing provides homeowners with easy access to complete and file a tax filing department, which is a complaint against online real estate valuation online, removing the requirement for signature and notarial printing. Many Ohio district auditors will only accept property valuation appeals during the first three months of the year. If you have recently purchased your home, you must provide the auditor with a copy of your purchase agreement and a copy of your HUD statement or closing disclosure as evidence of the value of your property. If you have been a homeowner for more than a year, it would be in your best interest to contact a licensed appraiser to evaluate and evaluate your home. In addition to valuation, it would be helpful to provide a list of recently sold homes in your area that are similar in age, square footage, amenities and size to your own home. You need to provide as much information and documentation as possible when you appeal your property taxes. When referring to your property, use your parcel number and address. You can get this from your tax account. The more information you provide to the auditor, the greater the chances that your estimated value will be lowered, but beware, because the audit committee may use the information you provide to increase or decrease the total value of each parcel involved in a complaint.

Facts on Columbus' Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets are a young team founded as an expansion team in 2000 and did not qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs until 2009. When the Cleveland Barons left Ohio in 1978, no one knew it would take 22 years before the state to host another NHL Team. On June 25, 1997, the NHL announced that Columbus would receive a new franchise; a decision prompted by a May 31 announcement by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company that they would bill for a new $ 150 million arena in Columbus.

The Blue Jacket name and logo is rooted in the rich history of the Ohio Civil War and was chosen to celebrate patriotism, pride and a rich Civil War history in Ohio. When President Abraham Lincoln asked Ohio to raise ten regiments in the outbreak of the Civil War, Ohio residents responded by forming at least 23 volunteer infantry regiments.

The team logo is a stylized version of the Ohio flag, spun around the beginning, while sweaters wear a Civil War hat with crossed hockey sticks. The team's official mascot is a 6-foot-9-inch bright green bug named Stinger, who can be seen walking among spectators during games and gliding on ice between periods wearing team shirts.

At the request of fans, the Blue Jackets have purchased a handmade Napoleon cannon from 1867 and placed it in the National Arena since the 2007-08 season began. Since then, the Blue Jacket gun has been launched at the beginning of all home games. The cannon will also congratulate each time the team scores at home and when the home team wins the game. During his first season he was fired at least 164 times.

The tool has become an integral part of the Blue Jacket fan culture. The gun is loaded with smoke charges and the strong arrow is produced by a .75oz explosive placed above the slide. When the cannon is fired, the accompanying music "For those who will rock (congratulations) to you on AC / DC can be heard all over the stage.

As mentioned above, the Blue Jackets secured their first playoff spot for the Stanley Cup in 2009, defeating the Chicago Blackhawks 4-3 on April 8. The team made some lucrative deals in the off-season 2008, including receiving Rafi Torres in exchange for Gilbert Bruhl and trading Nicholas Gerday and Dan Frische for the New York Rangers in exchange for Fedor Tutton and Christian Beckman. During the 2008-09 NHL season, Jason Williams was recruited in exchange for Clay Wilson and a six-round selection. The team also became part of the NHL's first major deal since the 2009 NHL trade deadline, receiving Antoine Vermet from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for Pascal Leclar and a second round selection.

Telemarketing companies are helping companies gain a niche in the competitive market

Telemarketing is a direct marketing process in which phone calls make phone calls to prospective customers in order to attract them to purchase a number of consumer products and services. The phone is a powerful tool that directly connects the seller with the buyer so that they can talk to each other and gain a common understanding about buying and selling products and services. As the most interactive marketing medium, telemarketing gives telemarketers a better opportunity to do the following:

  • Answer your questions with potential customers
  • Solve their problems
  • Overcome their objections

Ohio is a great place to work because of the best business climate. Ohio is the capital of Columbus and is home to many prestigious brands such as Procter & Gamble, Timken, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, AK Steel, Abercrombie & Fitch and Wendy & s. In such a perfect business environment, one can easily find the best call centers that offer their inbound and outbound telemarketing services.

There are many reputable and professional telemarketing companies in Ohio who are known for providing their new and existing customers with flawless and customer-oriented telemarketing services that meet their exact business needs. Listed below are the two common telemarketing services in Ohio. They include:

Voice Based Telemarketing Services: Lead Generation, Collections, Customer Service, Service Support, Web / IVR, Telemarketing, Sales, Cross Sales, Meeting Research & Planning, Product Promotion, Accounts Receivable (ARM), loyalty programs, retention programs, data verification and qualification as a leader.

Voiceless Telemarketing Services: Email Marketing, Live Web Chat, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Shared Services, Social Media Marketing, Landing Page Campaigns, Web Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Refund Processing, email support, email management, data processing, online payment processing, claim processing and online order processing.

Telemarketing is an effective marketing method that can be used perfectly to maximize profits, build new customer relationships, understand customer needs and promote commercial products or services.

Telemarketing is extremely useful for businesses of all sizes and types, as it is considered the only marketing environment that allows telecommunications or telemarketers to adjust their strategy in the middle and make changes at any time for better results. With it, one can easily change sales & # 39; offers and can affect the audience with just one phone call. In this marketing process, calls can be made 24 hours a day, as they allow you to adjust the hours of call according to the suitability of the telecoms and the person holding the phone on the other side.

Mobile Money 5 – The True Way to Choose 5-39

Rolling Cash 5 is a lottery game in Ohio. It replaced the old Buckeye 5 in October 2004. The difference between the two is the range of numbers to choose from. Rolling Cash 5 lets you choose 5 numbers from 1 to 39.

This game gives you a odds of 1 to 575,757 for a win, which gives you a greater chance of winning than any other lottery game. Although winning a jackpot won't make you an instant millionaire, it's decent enough to give you a fortune. The jackpot starts at $ 100,000, which automatically goes to the next draw when not won. The jackpot prize is split between winners with a limit of $ 1,000,000.

Like all lottery games, this is also randomly drawn. However, careful analysis of a pre-made combination and simple logic will increase your likelihood of winning this game of chance. Think of it as more likely to win if you bet on a model that happens most of the time.

The analysis may cover the number of times a particular number or pair of numbers have appeared in a winning combination over the last 12 months. With the data you collect, you can create your own combination to bet on. But before moving to a combination, you can cross it with the data you have. This will allow you to determine the chances of downloading your numbers.

Logical betting, on the other hand, dictates that you have a good combination of high-low and odd numbers. This will increase your chances of winning by 64 to 67 percent. You should also consider grouping strategies. Deviate from multiples (2 4 6 8 10), a group of singular numbers (all single digits, 20, etc.) or the same last digits (3 13 23 33). The likelihood of them being downloaded is less than 1%.

It is also important that you consider the tips for the amount of the number. Add all the numbers you selected here and make sure the amount is between 75 and 125. The amount falling between these ranges is 70% more likely to be drawn. You can also take into account the skip frequency of any number. You can play these numbers as their absence increases the likelihood that they will appear in the next game; while repetitive numbers are likely to occur each other, they weigh 51% of the time.

Ohio Rolling Cash 5 costs only $ 1 per bet, allowing you to bet on your own or a computer-selected combination. And the state of Ohio uses the proceeds to fund a variety of public services, from education to starvation centers. Knowing how to bet on Rolling Cash 5 not only helps for a variety of reasons but also saves you money. With a little care and simple logic, you will avoid the unnecessary wasted losses of pointless betting. The game may be as casual as any other game of chance, but there are always recognizable patterns that can help you increase your chances.

Conduct search for marriage records conveniently

Marriage is celebrated with a wedding ceremony, which is one of the happiest and most sacred events in a person's life. This is a time when two people come together in their goals and directions and a time to exchange promises to spend their lives together forever. Because of the sanctity and appropriateness of this event, marriage documents are created in people's lives. In fact, marriage records have already become part of those vital public records that are stored in every state repository.

Marriage records are undeniably valuable. However, it is said that Ohio Marriage records are not so easy to search. Some countries keep marriage records in exactly the same way as births, deaths and other vital records are stored. There are also countries whose marriage records are not maintained at all on a state basis. Both filing methods are available in Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Health's vital statistics service is the best place to go when looking for Ohio State marriage records. You will not be able to obtain a valid marriage certificate from this particular office, but an index for all 1949 Ohio marriages is available to the public. This means that while you may not have an actual record of them, summaries of those records are accessible and accessible. Such a copy may be obtained in person or by mail. But, as expected, such a process is often inconvenient, so many people now turn to those local local record stores that offer a service on the subject.

It has been noticed that in recent years there has been a decrease in the rate of marriage in Ohio. However, its large population will still show a fairly large number of marriage records that have been filed in the state for several years, but such records are simply not available from public agencies. The Ohio Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Ohio headquarters assigned to this type of service, is located in Columbus, Ohio. Requesting a marriage report by mail requires a fixed fee with a processing time of 2 to 3 weeks.

The abstract copy you will receive is basically a short form containing limited information that is only useful for indexing and completion purposes. However, from such an index you will be able to know the specific district court that maintains a particular marriage registry. In cases where you do not have an idea of ​​where and when the marriage occurred, searching through these public sources may not be the best idea. Trusting the service of professional record providers online can be a perfect choice.

Searching for Ohio marriage records was once a difficult task to deal with, but the help you can get online has made it easier today. For an affordable one-off price, you can now easily find information such as the full names of the bride and groom, as well as the date and location of the wedding. You can also check someone's honesty for their previous relationships, and with just a few clicks, answer all your questions and clear your doubts. After all, you need to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Columbus State Community College is the largest online education provider in Ohio

Located in downtown Columbus, Ohio in the United States, known as the Discovery District, the school is the largest provider of distance learning opportunities in Ohio and one of the largest in the United States. More than 10,000 students enroll in online training each semester.

Summary and campus

Columbus State Community College was established in 1963 and serves Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas. The campus is located close to many entertainment and job opportunities. The main campus is in central Columbus, while ten other suburban branches are in Delaware, Grandview, Dublin, Groport, Grove City, Marysville, Ghana, Plain City, Westerville and Southwest Columbus. Clubs, language groups, cultural activities, honor societies and sports are popular activities for students. A unique feature is the activity of the campus administration on campus.

Available programs

Over 50 associate degrees as well as professional and technical certificates are offered by the College. Programs offered include business, geographical information systems, healthcare, facility maintenance architecture, human service, fire science, public service, nuclear medicine technology, massage therapy, respiratory care, veterinary technology, engineering technology and law enforcement. In addition, a number of programs are offered to help students complete their first two years of bachelor's degrees so that after graduation they will move on to a four-year institution.


The open admissions policy is followed by the College. Transfer students are not ignored. However, SAT and ACT are important. Community State College has adopted an open enrollment policy to allow as many students as possible to attend college. Students seeking admission can contact an on-site consultant on site to explain the requirements. Required documentation includes school transcripts, GED or equivalent, and proof of citizenship of foreign student status. Post-enrollment placement tests are required.


The Columbia State Community College is accredited by the North Central Association of Higher Education Commission as well as the Academic Quality Improvement Plan.

Support for students

Columbus State Community College provides widespread support, along with instruction on repair, assistance with learning and training and counseling in various aspects. The counseling includes adult student services, alcohol and drug abuse, career and academic counseling, and employment services. For details, visit the College Directory on the State University website.

Financial Aid

Columbus State Community College offers federal, state, local and institutional grants, scholarships and student loans. The aid is implemented using the FAFSA format. Financial aid is readily available to college students, including merit-based scholarships, details of which can be viewed on the State University website.

It's not a mistake – the vibrant, cultural city of Cleveland, Ohio

From downtown to its outer suburbs, Cleveland, Ohio has a lot to offer. The city is a dynamic culture mix located on Lake Erie. Having grown up here, these are some of my favorite places to visit if you're in town. The best time to visit if you want to avoid the cold weather is late spring or early fall. You will not be disappointed.

Public Square and Tower City

In the heart of Cleveland is a beautiful old skyscraper called the Tower of the Terminal. Built in the late 1920s, its lower interior was remodeled in the 1980s to have a large, fully enclosed mall called Tower City. The least impressive is its fountains, marble floors and elegant multi-level structure. The Clevelanders meet there to eat, shop and go ball games. Nearby are the sports stadiums for baseball, basketball and football. This is a city that loves its sport. In Tower City's basement, you can catch the subway, called Fast Transit or RTA, on the east or west side. The fast is fast and comfortable. Many businessmen use it every day to get to work. It also goes out to the airport. Tower City is the hub of Clevelanders' most active activity.

The apartments

If you like going out for a nice meal, the apartments are a scenic place to stroll. There are many restaurants both on the east and west shores of the Cuyahoga River, which runs to the terminal tower. This river is where huge ore barges and other ships come and go. The waterway is heavily used in the summer for both business and personal use by everyone. On the picturesque west coast is Shooters, a popular restaurant where I used to go, the view of the water was spectacular from there. During the summer, there are concerts by well-known groups of many genres. The historic Power House nearby is another popular spot. This is a completely renovated old electricity building with TGIFridays, Howl at the Moon Saloon, Improv Comedy Club and more. My friends and I often went there to meet after work.

Cleveland Metro Park

Cleveland is surrounded by a very large ring of public parks that are well maintained and offer spectacular natural beauty. There are cooking areas, shelters and picnic tables, jogging trails, horseback riding stables and more. This ring stretches for miles across the suburbs of Cleveland. My favorite is booking Chagrin in the fall when all the trees change colors. The fall is spectacular, if you like nature, the bright colors of the trees really stand out. There are events such as horse shows, dog shows and more throughout the year. The Cleveland Metro Park is a popular spot in the nearby western country as well.

University Circle

This is a highly cultural area on the east side of Cleveland, full of students, as there are many colleges in the area, Case Western University and the Cleveland Institute of Art. The Cleveland Museum of Art is a magnificent building with many diverse exhibits ranging from armor suits to Egyptian mummies and tombs. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is my favorite, showing in detail the dinosaur skeletons, the history of the area, the beauty of nature and how the world works through exhibits, lectures and a planetarium. Cleveland Botanical Gardens is adjacent and a must for plant lovers, even there is a rainforest. The Crawford Automobile Museum is elegant and the venue for many weddings and parties. There you can see cars of all ages in perfect condition. Great for old car enthusiasts.

Little Italy

This ethnic part of the University Circle is a great place to go for a coffee or a festival. They have annual traditional festivals such as the Feast of the Assumption, where the streets are closed and people sit there like sardines. Little Italy is full of galleries. An old elementary school there has been turned into a building full of shops and galleries, and the surrounding shops are also artistic. It's an artist's paradise. There are art walks and performances often. Stop by Presti's Bakery for the most amazing pastries ever. If you are there at dawn, Presti's has a small donut shop a few doors from their bakery, but it closes early. If you are lucky enough to catch it while it is open, the donuts are warm and fresh. It has been a tradition for the area's residents for many, many years.

Chagrin Falls

Outskirts of Cleveland, this is my hometown. With seven waterfalls throughout its territory, this charming New England-flavored town has a homey atmosphere that has attracted film producers and is the site of several past films. Go to Chagrin Falls on Memorial Day when there is a parade and festival in the park in the center (Flowering time). This is American at best. Stop at a popcorn shop across the street from downtown where you can get ice cream, popcorn and other snacks. This is a very old, historic building full of history, built right at the top of a waterfall. There is a public staircase to go under it and see the falls below. If you go to Chagrin in the summer, this is a must. There is also an old gazebo in the heart of the city that was once where old-time bands would play music. This is a quaint old town you don't want to miss.

The West Side Market

If you like to buy fruits, meat and other food directly from the suppliers themselves, the West Side Market is the place to go and fight them. There are long established family traders who sell fresh chickens, old-world pastries, meats, chocolates and any kind of fruit and vegetables that can be marketed. There are Polish, Italian, Irish, Slavic, Mexican, German and other foods. This is a melting pot full of fresh food with loyal followers coming from all over to shop.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Science Center next door

If you love rock and roll, visit this museum or be square! This is a lively, modern building built on Lake Erie with exhibits, exhibitions and souvenirs. Next to it is the science center with its own IMAX theater. These are great places for family, so be sure to take your kids and stroll around. Often when I've been there, boat shows can be seen outside, so check in the water when you're there. The lake is a center of activity in itself.

If you have the opportunity to visit Cleveland, be sure to bring your camera. This is a diverse place with a lot to explore. Go to art exhibitions, plays, museums and visit many of the best restaurants. This city is growing and improving every day. Go see a game or two, take the train. There is a huge parade on St. Patrick's Day that is worth attending, whether you are Irish or not. If you're really adventurous, get off to Cedar Point or Amish country (about an hour from downtown Cleveland). If you need cards while you are there, stop by the Chamber of Commerce or your local auto club branch. Whatever you do, go to Tower City, downtown Cleveland, it's worth a visit. When you go, you'll see what all the fuss is about, this big city has it all. Cleveland really rocks.

Akron Dentures – Save $$$ on prosthetics in Cleveland, Akron, Canton and all of Ohio by doing this

The State of Ohio has several affordable options for finding cheap dentures if you know the secret to saving money on them. You can find great deals on dentures in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Columbus, and just about anywhere with a minimal population base. Here's the secret to saving a lot of money on dentures in Ohio. Dental Discount Plans.

Dental discount plans are an excellent but well-hidden alternative to traditional insurance for over 15 years in the US. Many people are still confused about dental discount plans and do not understand the difference between them and insurance. Here's a quick overview.

Dental insurance does not cover dental problems that are considered existing. This means that if you are in pain now, buying a dental insurance policy will not help you a single bit because it is a pre-existing problem. These policies are designed just to provide you with preventive dentistry coverage. They don't want you to develop big problems along the way, so they pay for cleaning, etc., but you still have to pay high premiums and deductions after each visit.

Dental discounts offer great savings of up to 60% on preventative care and basic care such as dentures, braces and more. Here is an example of a dental discount plan in Akron, Ohio, Zip code 44312. This plan is also available nationwide.

The average national cost of the upper denture is $ 1,252. Your cost of joining this particular plan will be only $ 728. This saves you $ 524 of the national average cost for the upper dentures. Not to mention the fact that you will also save 10 to 60% of any other dental care you need for the next full year. The cost of joining is also less than insurance. The plan is only $ 160 for a family or $ 110 for an individual. No deductible payments either!

The bottom line is that dental discount plans are undoubtedly your best option in this day and age. Less expensive, no premiums, no deductions, big savings, no paperwork and no hassle, it goes without saying that this is the best way to buy dentures in Ohio.

How to Start Your Nursing Career |

With such big cities as Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, one can easily understand why the contributions made by Ohio nurses would play such an integral part in maintaining the well-being of the Buckeyes.

However, it is currently expected that, within the next ten years, a majority, nearly 40%, of Ohio nurses will be in retirement. This has created a huge demand for nursing students in Ohio and Ohio is actively recruiting both trained nurses and those interested in pursuing nursing as a future career. However, with the added complexity of teacher aging and retirement, student-teacher ratios have skyrocketed and nursing programs cannot accommodate a huge number of prospective students.

Ohio is reported to experience a 22.5% increase in openings for nursing staff positions from 2002 to 2012. There are approximately 98 different nursing schools in Ohio, each with its own promising features and benefits within their breastfeeding programs. In 2003, out of approximately 98 nursing schools in Ohio, Case Western Reserve University ranked 14th among the top 20 Nursing Schools in the United States. Within Case Western Reserve University there is a School of Nursing by Frances Payne Bolton, a world-renowned nurse leader.

One of the many differentiating factors that make FPB one of the most well-known nursing schools in the US is the benefit of getting nearly double the national average (1600+) hours due to students' ability to start clinical your placements within the third week of the first semester. FPB BSN students also participate in the required number of civic engagement projects that work to expand not only outlook and skill sets, but also provide affordable health care and education for families not only locally in Cleveland, but across the country as well as around the world.

Another well-known local nursing school in Ohio is the Hondros College School of Nursing. While the focus of the FPB nursing program is to provide students with experience that prepares them for jobs around the world, Hondros College of Nursing programs focus on a much more local demographic. HCSN's goal is "to train professional nurses who are part of the Ohio community of work we serve." This Ohio School of Nursing also offers a unique approach to traditional LPN and RN programs, combining both the 1 + 1 LPN / RN program, which offers an alternative approach to 4-year degrees and offers more flexibility in program courses, allowing students an easier approach to adjusting their school to their daily lives.

In Ohio, there are various nursing schools to choose the specific institution that best suits your needs. As the current population of baby boomers continues to grow older, the demand for all types of nurses is growing significantly, and Ohio offers several opportunistic jobs to attract young and eager nurses.

Due to the decline in qualified nursing faculty at many Ohio nursing schools, several qualified applicants, up to 755 for the program, were only rejected in 2008. This is said to be endangering the health of Ohioans because of the lack of nurses trained to train the number of nurses needed to meet the needs of the population. However, Ohio encourages the Board of Regents to increase the funding available for grants and to provide incentives for retaining faculty, including salary increases, to match those of other health-related faculty.