3 Safe Ways to Get Mortgage Refinance Approval in Ohio after Bankruptcy

Approving to refinance an Ohio mortgage after a bankruptcy can be tricky. Your credit score is probably low at any time and your confidence in your finances is probably even lower. But, there is good news. People get approved for refinancing a mortgage every day, and so can you. To help, here are three surefire […]

Ohio State Parks

From mountain biking, rock climbing and snorkeling to winter camping, family camping and backpacking, Ohio State Park has the right activities for you. With 74 state parks scattered throughout the state, there's plenty to see and do in Ohio. Many of the parks offer historical exhibits, some with live interpretation programs and several, such as […]

Ohio Lottery Classic Lotto – What are the chances of winning the jackpot?

The Ohio Lottery Classic Lottery game offers some great jackpots. Jackpots start at $ 1 million and can sometimes reach tens of millions of dollars. Winning a jackpot in the game can really change your lifestyle for the better. But have you ever wondered what the chances of winning a jackpot are? Read on to […]

One woman was killed while recording "Love Rollers" by Ohio Players?

The myth Players in Ohio, a funk group in the mid-1970s, were considered one of the best bands of their time. This particular myth revolves around the song "Love Rollercoaster". The beginning of the song has a piercing and sharp scream of a female voice. Players in Ohio are a group of male singers, so […]

Ohio Criminal Records – Where to Get Criminal Ohio Public Records

If you live in Ohio; then there is good news for you because you can do a free search of Ohio criminal records online. Nowadays, it is very important to check the background or to check the credentials of the people you are constantly working with. This is for your own protection; as well as […]