ODE Practical test to prepare you for your performance evaluation in Ohio

[ad_1] In Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) manages and oversees charter schools, public schools, education and regional education programs, early childhood education and care programs, vocational school and private school collaborative areas. The Department of Education is also responsible for developing the Ohio Assessment of Achievement (OAA) for assessing the knowledge and skills […]

Galloway Ohio Home – A great place to live in Central Ohio

[ad_1] If you are looking for a great place to live in the Central Ohio area, then the Galloway Ohio home can be a great choice for you. Galloway is an unincorporated residential area located about 20 minutes southwest of downtown Columbus. Formally part of the city of Prairie, Galloway is home to a number […]

In Ohio, can you get a DUI for stopping it in your car?

[ad_1] In criminal law, every crime has "elements" that must be satisfied. Each element must be satisfied. Therefore, if one element is missing, the prosecution cannot prove the case. Just like that! A DUI, actually called an OVI in Ohio, requires the following if it involves alcohol: 1. Operation; 2. .08% alcohol in the system […]