The Wright Brothers Road in Dayton, Ohio

[ad_1] Wilber Wright, born in 1867, and Orville, born four years later in 1871, were two of five children and will eventually be credited for inventing the aircraft. Although their predecessors, including Sir George Caylee, Jean-Marie Le Brie, Clement Ader, Otto Lilienthal, Octav Shanute and Samuel Pierpont Langley, had attempted to conquer the flight, it […]

Buzzards Roost is just one unique place in Hinckley, OH – The other is Wedp's Ledges

[ad_1] I suppose a good starting point would be the location of these rock formations as they exist today. Whipp & Ledges are part of the Hinckley Metropolitan Park reservation. This is the same Hinckley who is world renowned for returning sprouts. Aside from trying to spell out the exact location of this park, I […]

Kent State finally over? – New findings ignored by government officials

[ad_1] The State of Ohio quietly shut down a new investigation into the May 4, 1970 shooting in Kent. This is despite the Cleveland front page story of the Plain Dealer (May 9, 2010), which reports that two audio forensics experts, using advanced technology, have come to the conclusion that they heard someone order a […]

Cleveland Ohio apartments that can consider overdue rentals

[ad_1] Cleveland, downtown Ohio is rich in history, adventure and culture. This picturesque town, located near the Cuyahoga River, continues to attract many people who just come to visit, work or settle. There are also many attractive river rental apartments around the river section, as well as in the vicinity and neighborhoods of Cleveland. But […]

Ohio Landmarks – Exploring the Seven Caves Natural Landmark

[ad_1] Seven caves are what they called it back in 1928. It is now called Cave Canyon, offering fantastic views of caves, rocky peaks and valleys. It is located in the heart of the Highlands sanctuary. The stunning reserve is a great trip for most nature lovers and adventure travelers alike. The history and its […]

3 Safe Ways to Get Mortgage Refinance Approval in Ohio after Bankruptcy

[ad_1] Approving to refinance an Ohio mortgage after a bankruptcy can be tricky. Your credit score is probably low at any time and your confidence in your finances is probably even lower. But, there is good news. People get approved for refinancing a mortgage every day, and so can you. To help, here are three […]

Ohio State Parks

[ad_1] From mountain biking, rock climbing and snorkeling to winter camping, family camping and backpacking, Ohio State Park has the right activities for you. With 74 state parks scattered throughout the state, there's plenty to see and do in Ohio. Many of the parks offer historical exhibits, some with live interpretation programs and several, such […]