Great places around Cincinnati to find rental properties of all kinds


Cincinnati, Ohio is located in southern Ohio, right on the Ohio River and very close to the borders of Kentucky and Indiana. This area is therefore known as a tri-state with the three states in close proximity to each other. The cost of living in this city is quite affordable and much lower than some many other urban places in the country. There are many communities within the city limits as well as in the immediate vicinity of downtown Cincinnati, offering different types of housing such as Cincinnati apartments or condos, downtown homes and apartments, and rental homes. This article will explore these different leasing options that people can rent.

If you are a young career professional, almost out of college, and want to live close to your new job in downtown Cincinnati, there are many different apartment options. If you don't mind being in a tall building, there are a few that are located downtown, as well as the Ohio River that may be of interest to you. Not a large number of residential properties located in the city center, but many residential buildings about 10 minutes away by car.

During the new decade, the Newport, Kentucky area is reinventing itself and trying to improve itself to attract more residents and businesses to relocate there. Twenty years ago, this area was filled with crime and quite sheltered, but now this perfect spot right on the river, looking back to the Cincinnati skyline, has improved with a nice river area of ‚Äč‚Äčrestaurants and shops and a beautiful aquarium. Newer residential properties are now located here, especially some beautiful apartments and townhouses, and some of them are located in buildings of the former warehouse that offer some unique character of the properties.

If you prefer to rent a house because you have children or want to live with several roommates, then consider looking in the quaint and modern neighborhood of Adams Mountain. This is located on the highest hill in Cincinnati, looking down at the silhouette, the river, and generally the entire city center. The winding, hilly streets are similar to small scaled San Francisco with Victorian-style colorful homes with almost as many restaurants and bars as the homes. To get a rental home in this location, the space may be less and cost more because of the great location. This is the place to be for the 20 crowds of something.

One area that has been going down and is constantly trying to clear its image is the part of the center called Over-The Rhine. Some people buy properties and fix them to attract new tenants who live in a fantastic building that has been updated but has a remarkable architectural history to it for much less money. It will probably take several years for this to start successfully. Above the Rhine has a great year-round Findley Market and some great art venues, but crime in the area must be reduced as well.


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