Historic landmarks of Amherst, Ohio and landmarks

Amherst Ohio is a city of about 12,000 residents, located in northeast Ohio and part of the greater Cleveland metropolitan area. The city has the beautiful shores of Lake Erie to the north and the historic Oberlin College just minutes to the south. Located in Loren County, Amherst is close to the major cities of Elyria and Loren.

A beautiful city known for its safe neighborhoods and hometown feel, Amherst prides itself on being a great place to grow a family. There are many local historical and visitor sights, and the city is full of unique businesses and tourist attractions.

Amherst was once known as the sandbox capital of the world because of the several sandstone careers that operated in the area. Even today, visitors can still see many local historic buildings that were built with the help of a local sandstone from Amherst's quarries. Amherst City Hall, Amherst Public Library and other structures use Amherst's native sandstone, as well as buildings in the United States and as far away as Canada.

Local Historical Society, a bed and breakfast, antique shops and a movie theater downtown all add to the feel of Amherst's hometown. The downtown area is well known for a fun, clean, safe nightlife, and there are several well-managed pubs and pubs that attract people from all over Loren County.

Amherst Ohio has one of the lowest crime rates in northeast Ohio, due largely to its exemplary police department and city administration, which is dedicated to keeping streets and neighborhoods safe for families. The Amherst Fire Department, which has a volunteer staff of part-time firefighters, is also an example of efficiency and professionalism.

Many families have chosen to buy homes in Amherst because of the famed Amherst school district, and urban schools are known to provide first-class education for local children. Local city parks and recreation areas, a walking trail to Beaver Creek Reserve, baseball fields and a local swimming pool add to the list of places for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the moderate weather.

Although winters in Amherst Ohio can bring a deep snow effect from the lake, city services are very good at maintaining the streets. During the summer, Amherst boasts some fun events and traditions that locals look forward to, such as Memorial Day Parade, Old Time Jamboree, Main Street Dance and other events.

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