Three debt relief providers serving rural Ohio

The task of finding a reputable organization can be more difficult when living in rural Ohio, because there are so few organizations located within 40 miles of your home. Columbus residents have many reputable organizations to turn to. If you live in McConnelsville or Coshocton, then your options are very limited.

We have taken steps to evaluate three nonprofit organizations that provide debt support and education services to residents in rural Ohio. Think of each organization's focus and match your needs to their strengths.

Recommendations for rural Ohio

Consider the programs offered by these Ohio service providers to see which one best suits your needs:

  • Graceworks Lutheran Services: Offers bankruptcy, financial, housing, and community education programs
  • CCCS of Portage County: Offers bankruptcy, financial advisory and community education programs
  • Vision Credit Education: Offers financial counseling, housing counseling, job search assistance, voluntary income tax assistance, and community education programs

You may also find other organizations that provide additional services, such as low income tax clinics, low income legal assistance, or family counseling.

Look for nonprofit charities

These three nonprofit organizations are registered nonprofit organizations that serve rural residents in Ohio. When seeking help, make sure you seek help from a nonprofit. They will be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit, nonprofit charity organized to promote financial literacy.

You can confirm the charitable status of these nonprofit organizations directly on the IRS website. These are organizations that work for the public good and remain within the charitable guidelines as defined in Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3).

Search for organizations yourself

Finally, take the initiative to find a good, non-profit organization that provides debt relief. Look for organizations that are ready to help you whether you can visit them in person or not. Note that these organizations rely on friendly referrals while providing useful information to the public in Ohio. These are signs of genuine non-profit motives.

Taking a minute to seek debt from the right source can make one world. Even if you like who you are talking to, remember that even a nasty company can hire a charismatic sales representative to make you feel good. A second opinion can improve your chances of getting help from debt from a trusted organization.

Find out why the trained advisors at Graceworks Lutheran, CCCS and Vision Credit Education are committed to performing their nonprofit missions to help you improve your financial status. You can get the help you need.

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