The 5 best medium-sized cities in Ohio to live in

Top 5 Middle Cities for Living in Ohio:

The criteria were simple. I excluded any cities that were essentially suburbs of larger cities. This is for single cities only. Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron / Canton, Dayton, Toledo and all suburbs of these cities are excluded.

1. Marysville – With the plants of Scott and Honda in the area, plus just a 30-minute drive from Columbus, Marysville gives you a small-town feel, but keeps you close enough to feel in the big city.

2. Sandusky – The Rolic Coast of America is located on Lake Erie and is best known for Cedar Point. This tourist attraction is one of the largest in the country. The city is tucked away between Toledo and Cleveland for easy access.

3. Athens – With the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains occupying much of southeastern Ohio, Athens emerges as a welcoming mix of people, thanks to much of Ohio University. The city is a bit dead in the summer months, but different classes are offered throughout the school year for all ages.

4. Marietta – Ohio's oldest city is also one of the state's best kept secrets. Like Athens, there is a college, though much smaller. The city is located on the banks of the Ohio River and has a New England feel to it.

5. Circleville – Like Marysville, it is about half an hour from Columbus. Originally built in the shape of a circle, it pulled itself off for a more conventional look. However, it is home to "The Biggest Free Show on Earth", the Pumpkin Show, which attracts nearly one million visitors each year in October.

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