5 tips to avoid vacation rental Rip-Offs

We were all there …

Mid-winter, it's white, and the days are turning around the start and finish of the work. It's not fun. So let's start thinking or fantasizing about the long hot summer days when the nights are endless and you can actually do something other than …. well see …. work. We need a rope to grip, a great spark to hope. What's better than a summer vacation with a family? We pull the net as we sit in our cool studio looking at luxury hotels, motels, vacation apartments, and then the list catches our eye. Incredible vacation rental located in just the desired area. So what the hell do we say and investigate further. Vacation rental is great, glamorous, has amazing views of foamy sand, modern decor, name it – it has it. Wow! we say. I bet it will cost you luck. So we hesitate to press the Price Check button. The price of the flash, we work hard on math and we calculate that, well, that's not really too bad. The daily cost per person is not much higher than the local parking lot. What is hell? Send an e-mail.

A few days later, the owner contacts us with availability, pricing and bank information to deposit. Everything is in order and we continue, we are convinced that we have provided a great holiday for the host at a reasonable price. We sit with a smiling smirk who is very pleased with her.

Vacationing is coming. We load the family in the car and go down the road. After six hours of fighting on the roads and other drivers we are tired, the family is relentless of being forced to sit in a car that falls to vacation requirements and our partner complains about migraines caused by children in constant battles. The destination can not arrive fast enough.

And then we are there. The owner gave us a clear map. It must be a bit modest, but hey you went to London Tube. How hard will it be to find a place to rest? Your partner with upcoming migraine is moving towards you, and issuing instructions that you know may not be right. How do you mean turning off the highway? It is still 10 km to the beach. Ahhh, you comfort yourself, vacation rentals advertised as private. There is a kind of road that goes down to the shore. The bitumen road turns into pebbles, and after a few more turns into a narrow circular path that resembles more paths than goats that inevitably cause the car to swallow in one of the most impressive ruins. The beginnings of the nervous sweat sweat on your forehead. Your heart, however, rises with relief when your partner shouts "There he is!" You pulled the car on a driveway, shaking like branches of unobtrusive shrubs that were on the edge of the car. Everything will be fine. & # 39; you mutter soothing for yourself. The house appears, a marvelous wooden cottage surrounded by fresh lawns and shrubs. You are disgusted in the rugged spring forest that surrounds you. This can not be okay. Grab the map and check it again; make sure your partner is wrong. There is no mistake. You're glancing at your partner whose face is frozen in immobile. Your teenage daughter, as usual, is perfectly matched with classic lines. You can not be serious! I'm not staying in that landfill! & # 39; Even your son, an adventurous soul, seems lost in words.

You still hope you come out of the car, confident that the beach and the stunning ocean view are hidden. You have not found them yet. Stand on the veranda and see the ocean. Pale stain blue far, far in the distance. Meanwhile, your partner scans the owner's directions on where to find the keys. You both went to search for the keys. Okay, the look was not exactly what you expected, but hey, maybe the house would be better. After ten minutes of unsuccessful search, return empty-handed. No buttons. You've lost it so far. Contact the owner for details about the phone and mentally prepare to provide that owner, all the more frustrated when your call is clicked on the voicemail. Stand by yourself to leave a few choices, go with a short, rare message. Call me. Now. & # 39;

It is useful for your partner to find & # 39; the door is open and you're in fear. Your relief from the inside looks good, better than expected. At a closer inspection you will find dead flies and many of the cuddles of a large spider's daughter are nestled with an extravagant web over the door frame. On the tables are bruised stains; The fat splattered on the cooking plates and the oven reminds of the open fire cooking. The mattress guards are painted, the windows are dusty, there are a few elective cockroaches that clatter and cover the horror, your partner has a condom under the bed.

You think you finally came to the rocks when the cake from the bathroom ran the whole family to find a lost daughter staring at the tattered hair on the tiles. You acknowledge the defeat. There is no way your family will let you get away with this.

After half an hour after exhaustion of every holiday vacation on the web site, you come with a small victory. Camps at the local park caravans and park owners will offer you a tent and bedding for an extra $ 100 per day. & # 39; Cheap & # 39; you grumble sarcasm as long as you do not regret the unjustified damage to your bank account and the exciting look that MIA is asking for money backers. Yes, we were all there. So how are you avoiding the garbage dump? Read these practical tips and you can not avoid any problems you will surely learn to remove some of them.

first Do your research. And then explore something more. When you find the entity you like, the Google name and address. See which other sites listed in the list are listed and check different photos so you get a good idea of ​​what looks like a real estate. See the entity in Google Maps. Is this close to services that an ad claims it is? Check the amount of the reservation – it is likely that if the property is regularly booked, the owner has a good reputation.

2nd Check the terms and conditions of the web site you are ordering. Does their terms and conditions cover individual properties that are advertised or are they set of general site-related policies that relate to "care and no responsibility" or relates to the owner?

3rd See what the other guests said about the estate. See reviews on Trip Advisor or see reviews of Entity Entries from Google.

4th Make sure to pay. Please read carefully the cancellation and refund policy. Chances are if you have booked for Easter or Christmas because it is difficult for you to get a refund, except for the right reasons. Your reservation has been taken over by the owner from accepting other reservations for that period and as one of its major income weeks – they will want to be paid and will have the terms and conditions to cover this very eventuality.

5. Unless you personally know the landlord, you've already booked a hotel, or met someone who has it, is paid to go through a basic business lease of the apartment. Features are managed by seasoned and qualified asset managers, set standards, and if not completed, there will be a local office and staff that you can see how to talk and how to rent a vacation job and you are their client they will be very eager to ensure to be careful.