Consider Visa for Your Australian Car Rental – American Express Does Not Cover Australia

In planning for my three-week Australian vacation, I was stunned to find out that Australia is one of five countries excluded for car insurance coverage coverage on my American Express card. I had already rented a car in Australia.

Visa, however, includes Australia in its insurance coverage.

A few things to remember for American residents who are considering renting a car when visiting Australia:

  • You must decline the collision damage waiver (CDW) and loss loss waiver (LDW) options on your rental car agreement
  • You must pay for the full rental with your Visa card. Be careful with any rental using a voucher or prepaid rental. Even if the voucher was paid for with a Visa card, that card number may not be transferred to the rental car company, and you would not be covered by your Visa card;
  • Your Visa card only covers damage to your car, not your responsibility or damage to anything or anybody else. Check with your personal insurance agent before you leave about how to effectively cover your liability.
  • Rentals covered by your Visa card may only be up to thirty one (31) days in length; and
  • If you get into an accident, call the emergency number from Australia to call (800) 125-440 or if that does not connect, you can call back to the USA at (410) 581-9994.