Vacation Rentals in Cape Coral Florida

Have you ever wondered how to find a wonderful home while you are on vacation? Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars a night for a sweet bed and a tiny refrigerator that has five dollars in it? A few years later I realized there was a better way to travel than this. It all started when the real estate market started sliding down. I had 2 completely new houses on the river that I could not sell. I tried renting them for rent with a few realtors. Not only did they not get me the renters, they wanted to rent these homes (estimated at $ 750,000) for $ 1,000 a month. I started checking the internet and found many "owner" vacation rentals sites. HomeAway is the only place I have found to allow you to give your vacation and get the right results. Initially, I also used two more sites, but HomeAway gave me 10 leads for each of my other sites.

Sign up and pay about $ 200 a year to list your rental home. It comes to 4 web pages with more images and availability calendar. Customers contact you by email and refer to dates for renting your home. Now I charge 1100 USD per week. I'll make $ 4,400 a month for each house. It has kept my homes up until the real estate market is recovering.

Now, maybe you think $ 1,100 a week is expensive, but think about it. Hotel rooms can cost over $ 200 a night in Florida. The landlords do not pay $ 5 for the soda, they can go to the store and supply everything they need to stay. No more paying $ 12 for a burger and observing your child eating only a cucumber! For renters this is an amazing job. They have 3 bedrooms (not a small room with 2 beds), a family room, a dining room, a playroom, a large kitchen and a private heated pool.

Finally, I decided not only to rent your home but try to rent someone else's home and it was great! We rented a house on the eastern Florida coast of Delray Beach. Rather than being captured by all tourist places and hotels, we really need to have a sense of life in Delray Beach. We had excellent meals at local restaurants at reasonable prices because we were not caught in a "tourist hut".

Most importantly, if you have a property that you can not sell and you would like to see it yourself, the HomeAway network will enable it. Even if you are only looking for a great vacation with a better value, it's also worth checking out, but plan ahead, renters are getting ready at home and sometimes book a year in advance.